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Beaver time,, Block Tile Puzzle, are the top similar alternatives for 1010!.

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People use 1010! for: Blocks Games, Falling Blocks, Minimalistic Game, Puzzle Game, Tetris, Tetromino...etc.

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  • Beaver time

    One day beaver decided to ride on the river by rafts.

  • clone implemented in JavaScript & HTML.

  • Block Tile Puzzle

    Block Tile Puzzle is a super-addictive game which is easy to learn but tough to master.

  • Dr.Phelius & Bricks

    Dr.Phelius & Bricks is a classic puzzle game familiar to everyone.

  • Hextris

    An addictive puzzle game inspired by Tetris.

  • NullpoMino

    NullpoMino is an open-source action puzzle game that works on the Java platform.

  • Piped Blocks

    Piped Blocks is a Tetris-like game where player completes pipes instead of lines.

  • Puzzle Masters

    6-in-1 collection of block-themed puzzle games.

  • Quadrapassel

    In Quadrapassel, the GNOME version of Tetris, your goal is to create as many complete horizontal...

  • Quinn

    Quinn is an arcade-style tetromino puzzle game written and designed specifically for Mac OS X.

  • Tetris Online Poland

    Tetris Online Poland (TOP) is an online tetris game where you can play tetris with your friends and...

  • Honeyhex

    Honeyhex is a fun falling block puzzle with a twist. Created by Karsten Fuhrmann

  • 1010! Klooni

    1010! Klooni is a free, libre and open source klooni of the original minimalistic puzzle game by...

  • Arcade Blocks

    Arcade Blocks is a new twist of the classic Tetris.

  • Blockinger

    An open source Tetris clone for Android.

  • Block Rain - Retro columns arcade game

    Play the popular tetris arcade game on your Mac.

  • Ltris

    LTris as a tetris clone: differently shaped blocks are falling down the rectangular playing field...

  • PureBlocks

    PureBlocks is a minimalist falling blocks game for those who simply want to play.

  • Tetris Blitz

    Race against the clock in a two-minute blitz to clear lines and rack up points before time runs out.

1010! usage

1010! is an engaging puzzle game with a simple but distinctive gameplay.

Developer of 1010!

Created By: Gram Games

Website: Gram Games

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