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ActivationCloud, AntiDuplicate, Babel Licensing, are the top similar alternatives for 10Duke Entitlement Management Solution.

We found 18 similar software for 10Duke Entitlement Management Solution or alternatives of 10Duke Entitlement Management Solution.

People use 10Duke Entitlement Management Solution for: Access Control, iPhone, Convert PDF to Word document, Copy Protection, Entitlement Management, Floating License, Hardware Locking, License Compliance, License Delivery, License Manager...etc.

Alternate of 10Duke Entitlement Management Solution

  • ActivationCloud

    Manage your licenses with ActivationCloud easily.

  • AntiDuplicate

    AntiDuplicate is a software developer's kit that allows to create application protection...

  • Babel Licensing

    Babel Licensing is licensing system that allows to license .

  • ElecKey

    ElecKey is the complete solution for software copy protection, software licensing, and secure...

  • FlexNet Publisher

    Flexible Software Licensing for All Your Products—On-Premises, SaaS/Cloud and Virtualized


    Open source license compliance and dependency analysis

  • Habanero Simple Software Licensing

    This simple software protection solution was developed to fulfil the copy-protection needs of small...

  • Labs64 NetLicensing

    Innovative License Management Solution

  • Maian Cube

    Free Responsive IonCube Licence System

  • Nalpeiron

    Leader in cloud-based enterprise-class software licensing.

  • PELock

    Software copy protection against reverse engineering with anti-cracking & anti-debugging...

  • Reprise License Manager

    The Reprise License Manager (RLM) drives revenue for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) by...

  • SafeNet

    Cloud Security

  • Software Protector

    Software Protector is an easy-to-use .

  • Varonis

    Varonis provides actionable data governance software solutions – ensuring only the right users have...

  • VMProtect

    VMProtect Ultimate - All-In-One Solution For Software Licensing And Protection.

  • WhiteSource Open Source Management

    Open Source Licenses and Security Management

  • wyDay LimeLM

    Use LimeLM to add hardware-locked licensing, online activation, and timed trials to your app.

10Duke Entitlement Management Solution usage

The 10Duke Entitlement Service allows the control of the delivery and licensing of digital products...

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