Top alterante software for 123D Make

DXF2papercraft, Pepakura Designer, Ultimate Papercraft 3D, are the top similar alternatives for 123D Make.

We found 5 similar software for 123D Make or alternatives of 123D Make.

People use 123D Make for: 3d Modeling, ConEmu, Bidirectional sync, Laser Cutting, Origami...etc.

Alternate of 123D Make

  • DXF2papercraft

    DXF2papercraft converts a polygonal 3D model stored as DXF file into a plain drawing in the form of...

  • Pepakura Designer

    Pepakura Designer allows you to easily create papercraft models from 3D data you create from your...

  • Ultimate Papercraft 3D

    Ultimate Papercraft 3D is a specialty Windows tool for creating papercraft from 3D models.

  • Ultimate Unwrap 3D

    Ultimate Unwrap 3D is a specialty Windows UV mapping tool for unfolding and unwrapping 3D models.

  • Unfold3D

    UNFOLD3D is today the preferred unwrapping tool used by major studios producing games and...

123D Make usage

123D Make lets you turn 3D models into 2D build plans with animated assembly instructions.

Developer of 123D Make

Created By: Autodesk

Website: Autodesk

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