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Jotbug, asitrack - Assisted Issue Tracking, Easy Redmine, are the top similar alternatives for 16bugs.

We found 16 similar software for 16bugs or alternatives of 16bugs.

People use 16bugs for: Issue Tracking...etc.

Alternate of 16bugs

  • Jotbug

    jotBug is a Web-based project management and issue/bug tracking solution written in PHP using the...

  • asitrack - Assisted Issue Tracking

    Secure, efficient and completely integrated.

  • Easy Redmine

    Easy Redmine is a web based collaborative project management application.

  • FogBugz

    FogBugz manages projects, tracks bugs, and even tells you when you’re going to ship.

  • JIRA

    Trusted by 11,000+ businesses, JIRA is the leading bug tracking, issue tracking and project...

  • Jixee

    Jixee is a task and issue tracker that helps teams build better software by simplifying your dev...

  • jtrac

    JTrac is an open source and highly customizable issue-tracking web-application written in Java.


    Automate Workflows. Reduce Chaos.

  • SpiraPlan

    Manage your teams efficiently while allowing creative flexibility.

  • SPIT

    Simple PHP Issue Tracker

  • TeamClerk

    Team Clerk is task management software that automatically keeps your team organized and monitors...

  • TeamHub

    Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking and Project Management, customizable work flow and team collaboration.

  • zipBoard

    Annotate web pages and e-learning courses and assign bugs.

  • Zoho BugTracker

    Zoho BugTracker is an online web-based bug tracking/issue management software tool that allows you...

  • Bugify

    Bugify is a simple PHP issue tracker, designed to offer powerful bug tracking capabilities in an...

  • Bugzilla

    Bugzilla is a "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System".

16bugs usage

16bugs lets you manage your bugs from a simple and productive interface.

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