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Grow to 2048, SuperHex 2048, 1024, are the top similar alternatives for 2048 Hex.

We found 16 similar software for 2048 Hex or alternatives of 2048 Hex.

People use 2048 Hex for: 2048 Game, Android Studio, Anticensorship, Hexagonal Grid, Math Game, Puzzle Game...etc.

Alternate of 2048 Hex

  • Grow to 2048

    Game based on the 2048. The goal is to get a single square in the fewest possible movements.

  • SuperHex 2048

    Play 2048 on a hexagonal board

  • 1024

    Try this beautiful and addicted game, challenge your mind and imagination.

  • 2048+

    Support Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, play 2048 with joy.

  • 2048 Alphabet

    Version of the 2048 game - 2048 Alphabet wiht letters,

  • 2048

    Puzzle game written by 19 - year old Italian designer Gabriele Chirulli based on 1024.

  • 2048 by Uberspot

    Port of the 2048 game by Gabriele Cirulli. It's playable without network connection.

  • 2048 Cubed (3D)

    2048 Cubed (3D) - Yet another clone of 2048 but in 3D.

  • 4096 Number Puzzle - Double The Challenge

    An amazing, addictive and a very simple number puzzle game

  • addUp

    An addictive and very challenging puzzle game.

  • Can you AAA

    Can You AAA is a fun number puzzle game. Objective is to get 3 Aces.

  • colorszzzx

    a 2048-like with colors instead of numbers.

  • Lines 123

    Lines 123 is a simple number puzzle game.

  • Open Flood

    Open Flood is a simple, challenging and addictive puzzle game where you must fill the entire game...

  • XOLT

    Smart and addictive number game puzzle in a beautiful Stonehenge theme!

  • ZigZag Number

    ZigZag Number is a simple number puzzle game.

2048 Hex usage

A smart but simple puzzle game about Hexes, Colors and LEDs.

Developer of 2048 Hex

Created By: Spiral Code Studio LLC

Website: Spiral Code Studio LLC

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