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1024, 2048 Alphabet, 2048 bot, are the top similar alternatives for 2048+.

We found 39 similar software for 2048+ or alternatives of 2048+.

People use 2048+ for: 2048 Game, Android Studio, Anticensorship, Math Game, Puzzle Game, Threes Clone...etc.

Alternate of 2048+

  • 1024

    Try this beautiful and addicted game, challenge your mind and imagination.

  • 2048 Alphabet

    Version of the 2048 game - 2048 Alphabet wiht letters,

  • 2048 bot

    Play the game of 2048 right in Slack or Telegram

  • 2048

    Puzzle game written by 19 - year old Italian designer Gabriele Chirulli based on 1024.

  • 2048 by Sergey Belous

    Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

  • 2048 by Uberspot

    Port of the 2048 game by Gabriele Cirulli. It's playable without network connection.

  • 2048 Casino Chips

    2048 and casino chips?

  • 2048 Cubed (3D)

    2048 Cubed (3D) - Yet another clone of 2048 but in 3D.

  • 2048 Cute Edition

    Take on the challenge that is 2048 but with the added fun of cute anime style tiles.

  • 2048 Hex

    A smart but simple puzzle game about Hexes, Colors and LEDs.

  • 2048 Maze

    Can you match 2, grow it, and make the final 2048?

  • 2048 puzzle game

    2048 game - a very simple logically number puzzle game.

  • 2048 Squeezy Numbers

    Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

  • 2048 Star

    2048 is an exciting and addictive puzzle game that needs no introduction.

  • 4096 Number Puzzle - Double The Challenge

    An amazing, addictive and a very simple number puzzle game

  • 8192 Number Puzzle

    8192 Puzzle game is a Premium version for 2048 game.

  • addUp

    An addictive and very challenging puzzle game.

  • Betract

    Betract is a puzzle game that will bend your mind.

  • Can you AAA

    Can You AAA is a fun number puzzle game. Objective is to get 3 Aces.

  • colorszzzx

    a 2048-like with colors instead of numbers.

  • Countdown Number Puzzle game

    You must use strategy and perseverance to succeed in this game If you liked 2048 you will love this...

  • Cubik's 2048

    A 3D version of 2048!!

  • Digit Disorder

    Digit Disorder, switch and match tiles to create order from disorder

  • Fancy Cakes

    Endless incremental twist on 2048 puzzle

  • Grow to 2048

    Game based on the 2048. The goal is to get a single square in the fewest possible movements.

  • Level 19

    Puzzle game that challenges the players ability to think critically and react quickly.

  • Lines 12

    Lines 12 is a simple number puzzle game.

  • Lines 123

    Lines 123 is a simple number puzzle game.

  • Maths Puzzle

    arrange numbers in proper order to satisfy the equation

  • Neves!

    Neves - merging puzzle game.

  • NumberFusion

    A number based brain game like 2048, Sudoku, etc.

  • Open Flood

    Open Flood is a simple, challenging and addictive puzzle game where you must fill the entire game...

  • Predator 2048

    There is a New 2048 game! Become the Predator among Predators!

  • Stack'M Donuts

    Combine similar delicious donuts to create wonderful new flavors with every swipe.

  • SuperHex 2048

    Play 2048 on a hexagonal board

  • term2048

    Terminal-based version of the popular 2048 game.

  • White 2048 (by Asher Vollmer) and http://alternativeto.

  • XOLT

    Smart and addictive number game puzzle in a beautiful Stonehenge theme!

  • ZigZag Number

    ZigZag Number is a simple number puzzle game.

2048+ usage

Support Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, play 2048 with joy.

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Created By: Codinn

Website: Codinn

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