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Eventbrite, Eventzilla,, are the top similar alternatives for 2Event.

We found 3 similar software for 2Event or alternatives of 2Event.

People use 2Event for: Social Network...etc.

Alternate of 2Event

  • Eventbrite

    Create, advertise and manage events and ticketing.

    Eventbrite is used for Calendar Integration, Event Management, Events, Ticketing, Ticket Printing, Workflow Automation...

  • Eventzilla

    Eventzilla lets you sell tickets online and manage attendees from one integrated application.

    Eventzilla is used for Check In, Event Calendar, Event Handling, Event Management, Event Management Software, Event Planning, Event Promotion, Event Registration, Event Ticketing, Ticketing...


    Online Registration and e-Ticketing Solutions is used for Event Management, Event Planning, Exhibition, Online Service, Ticketing, Ticket Printing, Trade Fair, Trade Show...

2Event usage

2Event is a website and free mobile app for event organizers and visitors.

Developer of 2Event

Created By: Yaroslav Maxymovych

Website: Yaroslav Maxymovych

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