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Ericom AccessToGo, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Myrtille, are the top similar alternatives for 2X RDP Client.

We found 18 similar software for 2X RDP Client or alternatives of 2X RDP Client.

People use 2X RDP Client for: Connection Manager, Rdp, Rdp Client, Remote Desktop Access...etc.

Alternate of 2X RDP Client

  • Ericom AccessToGo

    AccessToGo is the fastest mobile RDP remote desktop client for Microsoft operating systems.

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop

    With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from...

  • Myrtille

    Open source, native HTML4/5 Remote Desktop Protocol client

  • Parallels RAS

    Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use virtual...

  • Remote Desktop Plus

    Launch a Remote Desktop session and automatically log you in from the command line or a GUI.

  • Splashtop Remote Desktop

    Splashtop is the next generation remote access, remote support, and collaboration solution.

  • AnyDesk

    AnyDesk is remote desktop software that is free for personal use.

  • DWService

    DWService offers a service that allows access to remote systems using a standard web browser.

  • LiteManager

    LiteManager - fast and secure remote administration software for Computer.

  • LogMeIn

    LogMeIn gives you fast, easy remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop and mobile...


    Quick web-meeting with remote-control / screen & file sharing, no registration needed.

  • Remote Desktop Connection

    Allows a user to remotely log into a networked computer

  • RemoteToPC

    RemoteToPC is a Remote Desktop Access / Remote Support Tool, designed for IT people.

  • Screens

    Screens is a VNC client for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X that allows you to remotely connect to...

  • TeamViewer

    TeamViewer lets you establish a connection to any PC or server within just a few seconds.

  • ThinLinc

    A Linux remote desktop server built on open source technology.

  • UltraViewer

    Computer Remote Control/Access Support software.

  • Viubo

    Remote Access Made Super Simple.

2X RDP Client usage

2X Client for RDP/Remote desktop is an RDP client that enables you to connect to your home or...

Developer of 2X RDP Client

Created By: 2X Software

Website: 2X Software

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