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Alpha Clock, ChirpyTime, ClocX, are the top similar alternatives for 30/30.

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People use 30/30 for: Gesture Control, Icloud Sync, Task List, Timer...etc.

Alternate of 30/30

  • Alpha Clock

    Alpha Clock is an tiny clock utility with miniature, but very nice LCD-style watch display.

  • ChirpyTime

    ChirpyTime: Timer / Alarm Clock / Clock app for iPhone / iPod Touch

  • ClocX

    ClocX - freeware analog clock for Windows desktop with many features like calendar, alarms, skins...

  • Cronómetro Online

    A quick and easy to use free online Flash based stopwatch. It also has a countdown feature.

  • Cuppa

    Cuppa is a small application for Mac OS X to time your cup of tea as it steeps.

  • DS Clock

    DS Clock is a FREE digital desktop clock that displays variable date and time information built...

  • Elapsed

    A FREE timer App that tracks multiple timers at the same time, saves frequently used timers for...

  • EyeProtectorPro

    EyeProtectorPro is eye care/RSI prevention, stretch break reminder software, ergonomic break...

  • Free Countdown Timer

    Free Countdown Timer is a free, full-featured and user-friendly countdown timer for Windows

  • Howler

    Howler is a simplistic app that is an alarm, countdown, and/or stopwatch.

  • InerziaTimer

    InerziaTimer is a small and easy to use application that can help you to measure time intervals.

  • LClock

    LClock is a very simple program that makes the Windows' clock look like a Windows Longhorn...

  • MenuTimer

    MenuTimer is a timer that you can use from your menu bar.

  • No Frills Timer

    No Frills Timer keeps track of the amount of time you spend connected to the Internet.

  • Pomodoro Time Management

    You need help focusing on a task? You can't organize your work with proper breaks?

  • Pomodoro Tasks

    A simple app to manage your daily tasks using a time management method called Pomodoro Technique.

  • Stopwatch

    A Java countdown timer and stopwatch.

  • Tic Toc Timers

    Imagine a world where people call back in a timely fashion.

  • TimeLeft

    TimeLeft is a versatile desktop utility - it can be used as a countdown clock, reminder, clock...

  • Timer and Stopwatch

    Timer and stopwatch may be needed in an unexpected moment, but with this application you will never...

  • TimerApp

    An easy to use online timer.

  • Timer Applet

    Timer Applet is a countdown timer applet for the GNOME panel.

  • Timer Loop

    A simple application to create multiple timers and loop through them in sequence.

  • Timers4me

    Timers4Me Plus is an easy-to-use count down timer tool to create and manage multiple timers, such...

  • Timer Tab

    Online countdown timer, alarm clock, and stopwatch.

  • Timer Utility

    Official website of JR Productions software and Timer Utility for OS X.

  • Vista Clock

    Vista Clock is a small clock that stays in the systray and at your desktop.

  • WaitingList

    This simple and convenient app helps you to create countdown timers to any events that are...

  • XNote Stopwatch

    XNote Stopwatch is a versatile and flexible multifunctional digital stopwatch / countdown timer /...

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30/30 - You have never experienced a timer app quite like this! Simple. Attractive. Useful.

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Created By: Binary Hammer

Website: Binary Hammer

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