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People use 4Shared for: Backup And Restore, Portable, File Sharing, File Storage, Online Backup, Photo Sharing...etc.

Alternate of 4Shared


    Free video streaming and file sharing.

  • 1fichier

    1fichier (OneFichier) is an one click file storage.

  • 2DocStore

    Document Workflow - A secure cloud file sharing, storage and collaboration.


    Free file hosting - Torrent caching - Premium link generator

  • 2Shared

    2Shared is a large and absolutely free storage for any sorts of files.

  • 700 files

    You can upload 10000 gb of your files.

  • 8files

    You can upload unlimited number of files (pdf, music, photos, zip, videos etc).

  • Adrive

    Protect & manage your personal, business and enterprise-level data with ADrive cloud storage...

  • AnnonHost

    Annonhost is a new, free, secure, 100% reliable storage and powerful sharing system for ALL your...


    Upload your files anonymously and free on AnonFile.


    Anonymous files upload.


    Upload your files anonymously and free on

  • AnonStorage

    Free anonymous file storage, any file, any size, for free!

  • ArabLoads

    Arab Loads is a file hosting provider.

  • Backazon

    Backazon is an online backup utility for Windows client (XP/Vista) and Windows server (2003/2008)...

  • Banckle File Sharing

    Banckle File Sharing is a FREE FTP replacement and online backup solution that allows you to send...

  • Bayfiles

    BayFiles is a website and file hosting service that was made by two of the founders of The Pirate...

  • BookMyCloud

    The Cloud Based Backup Solution For Your Documents, Music, Videos, Emails, Files, Source Codes and...

  • Box

    Box (formerly, based in Redwood City, California, is a cloud content management and file...

  • Box SimpleShare

    Box SimpleShare allows you to quickly share images and other files directly from your desktop.

  • BoZoN

    A self-hosted PHP server for a JavaScript application to easily share files and folders.

  • CloudBerry Box

    CloudBerry Box provides bi-directional synchronization of data across remote computers.

  • Cloud Mate

    Cloud Mate brings your clouds together, enabling you to work with both DropBox and Google Drive.

  • CloudMe

    CloudMe is a free and open service to sync, store and make all your files available in the cloud...

  • Cloudu

    Secure German online storage and file sync service. Apps for all major platforms.

  • CmisSync

    Synchronize files with any document management server.

  • CommonClip

    Simple file sharing for project teams.

  • cCloud

    Keep your important files safely online.

  • is a new generation file hosting service.

  • Let's Crate

    Ridiculously easy file-sharing.

  • Crocko

    Crocko (formerly Easy-Share) is a file hosting.

  • Cubby

    Keep your files organized and accessible, both for individual productivity and shared collaboration.

  • Data File Host

    Host your files free with Data File Host.

  • DelaFil

    Share files in an easy way. One, two, three and its Sent!

  • Deposit Files

    DepositFiles is a popular international service providing a safe and easy way to transfer, store...

  • provides a web interface that can be used to store and retrieve data, at any...

  • DivShare

    DivShare is an all-inclusive file hosting web site.


    File hosting online in one click - 2GB/folder

  • Downloadnow

    DownloadNow is a service which allows you to download files from the most popular hosting websites...

  • Dropbox

    Worlds leading online storage and file sync service. You get 2GB free. Apps for all major platforms.

  • was shut down on December 15, 2010.


    Dropjar is a free service to send big files between users, up to 10GB and you can pause and resume...

  • Droplr

    Droplr is a tiny application that aims at helping people share things easier.

  • EasyBytez is a file hosting provider.

  • ElephantDrive

    Unlimited online storage for your photos, music, video, documents, and all other valuable files you...

  • EncryShare

    EncryShare provides a free one-click file sharing service with AES encryption.

  • eSnips

    Get 5GB of free space to upload and share your files, photos, videos and music. eSnips.

  • ExpireBox

    ExpireBox is a free temporary file hosting powered by FileNurse, this means that the service is...

  • EX.UA

    EX.UA - Express File - is a FREE filehosting service.

  • file2send

    file2send helps you to deal with big files you want to send via e-mail.

  • FileBay

    Secure cloud storage, up to 100 GB for free.

  • Fileburst

    Fileburst is a cloud storage file hosting with global CDN providing file downloads and live video...

  • Filecanyon

    Upload, backup & share your files with everyone.

  • File Cargo is a free service for file storage or file hosting.

  • FileCloud

    Secure File Sharing, Sync and Mobile Access Solution for SMBs, Enterprises, Universities...

  • myflare

    Store, back-up, stream and sync all your files from anywhere

  • FileDepot

    Simple and free file sharing service.

  • is a completely free file hosting solution.

  • was created as a fresh alternative for online file storage to sites like MegaUpload...

  • Filedrum

    Directly access all the files on your computer from wherever you are, without uploading anything to...

  • FileDude

    Formally Appscene, Filedude is a fast-growing filesharing website that mainly hosts .

  • FileFactory

    FileFactory is the easiest way to upload and share your files in the cloud for free.

  • FileFlyer

    FileFlyer - Store and Send your files, fast!

  • FileFreak is dedicated to giving you free file hosting, free mp3 hosting, free mp3 storage, and...

  • FileFrontier

    FileFrontier allows you to host and share all your files: upload unlimited files of any type, up to...

  • Filemail

    Send large files - fast, easy & secure

  • FileNurse

    FileNurse is a free service, which allow you to upload your files easily and share them with your...

  • FileRio

    FileRio offer online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools.

  • FilesAnywhere

    FilesAnywhere offers free 1GB online file storage, with cloud storage solutions for Internet...

  • FileSender

    Securely transfer files of any size directly to others for free using only your browser.

  • FileSend.IO

    FileSend.IO allows computer and mobile users to send large files to anyone.

  • FileServe

    Share all your files at FileServe and never have to worry about disk space or bandwidth again.

  • allows you to upload and store files on our servers, so you can quickly and easily share...


    Uploading and file hosting system which offers services like Free Web Hosting, Image hosting &...

  • FileSocial

    FileSocial - File sharing on Twitter.

  • FileSonic

    FileSonic offers free, simple file hosting. Share files with your friends safely and securely.

  • FileSwap

    With FileSwap cloud storage you can backup, organize and share your files.

  • File Uplink

    File Uplink is a free online file hosting. Send, share and receive your files. why us?


    You can upload files without signing up.


    Free anonymous file storage, any file, any size, for free!

  • is a cloud based web application helps you get the files you need from anyone, without...

  • Firedrop

    A cloud storage provider

  • Lightdocs

    Lightdocs is a simple and fast service for share anything like your Word documents, memories photos...

  • Flash Online

    Eliminating the need for a usb flash drive. Flash Online takes a productivity approach to the cloud.


    Foldder is a file hosting service.

  • FreakShare

    FreakShare is a provider of online storage services, you can upload files to our servers with 1...

  • Freehold

    An open, secure, and lightweight platform for your files and data.

  • is a great way to send large files online.

  • is a clever, instant file-sharing webapp that makes sharing files simple and fast.

  • Giga Share

    Giga Share is a file hosting website. You can upload your documents, photos, videos, zip files etc.

  • GMX File Storage

    The GMX File Storage Manager allows your PC and your GMX File Storage to exchange data via the...

  • GoAruna

    This is the desktop client for the file sharing service, GoAruna.

  • Google Drive

    Google's cloud service and office suite

  • GroupDocs

    GroupDocs is a web-based service for online document sharing, collaboration and management.

  • Heart-drive

    Store and backup your files

  • Hightail

    Hightail is the professional way to securely share your files and folders with anyone from any...

  • is a free net space where you may upload your files, store them, share your files with...


    Hotfile offers 1-click file hosting for files up to 400 MB in size.

  • provides unlimited shared network disk services.

  • JeoDrive

    Upload and Share anywhere ! Upload your files with many solutions (FTP, Remote, Classic Upload).

  • Jirafeau

    Jirafeau is an open-source web site permitting to upload a file in a simple way and give an unique...

  • Jumpshare

    Jumpshare is an incredibly fast, real-time file sharing app.

  • JustCloud

    Cloud Storage from JustCloud is simple, fast and secure.

  • Keepit Unlimited

    With you don't need to know what resolution your camera is and how much space you...

  • Koofr

    Koofr offers safe EU based cloud storage with 2 GB free.

  • LaciCloud

    LaciCloud is a free, open source FTP-based cloud storage.

  • LetItBit

    LetItBit is a free and unlimited file host. No limits on file sizes or space. Upload anything.

  • Windows Live Mesh

    With Windows Live Mesh, you can synchronize files with all of your devices, up to 5GB for free.

  • is a 1-click-hoster / sharehoster that hosts your files for FREE!

  • Lollyo

    No third party storage, no privacy issues, no leaks

  • Mail.Ru Cloud

    Russian cloud provider with 100 GB of free space.

  • Maxxo Wallet

    With Maxxo Wallet, you can easily:

  • MediaFire

    MediaFire is the simple solution for uploading and downloading files on the internet.

  • MEGA

    You hold the security keys for 50 GB free storage, unlimited desktop sync bandwidth, and 10 GB per...

  • MegaCloud

    MegaCloud is a cloud based file storage service that lets you save, sync and share your files on...

  • Megashares

    Megashares is a cloud, file hosting service.

  • MegaToBox

    You can upload 500 gb of your files.

  • MegaUpload

    MegaUpload was a file-storage service, but was closed on 19 January 2012.

  • MetaHyper - Find easy file hosting, upload, share files fast, download service, easy file...

  • Microsoft OneDrive

    Get to your files from anywhere, on any device, with Microsoft OneDrive.

  • MiMedia

    MiMedia is your personal media platform that combines online storage with an easy way to secure...

  • MixtureCloud

    MixtureCloud was born from a simple idea: Store and secure your files to infinity.

  • MongoFiles

    Mongofiles is a user-friendly service that allows you to transfer, download and store data in an...


    2 GB of WebDAV-space can be used for free.

  • is an easy file hosting service. Just upload the file and share the URL.

  • MyWorkDrive

    Secure File Share Access in the Cloud and on Premises

  • Netkups

    File host with Direct Download and Torrent download options.

  • NetLoad

    netload is a file hosting service that gives you worldwide, unlimited and rapid access to your...

  • nFiles

    Upload, get URLs to share.

  • Nimbox Vault

    Beautifully secure collaboration tools, built for business. Grab your trial today!

  • Novafile

    Freemium file hosting service.

  • NowDownload

    File hosting.


    Anonymous and free file upload.

  • Sync Backups

    The simple way of quickly archiving directories directly to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive on a...

  • OpenDrive

    OpenDrive is a remote drive for your computer, that allows you to store, sync, share, link, sell...

  • Ownthe.Cloud

    The Simplest and Cheapest Cloud Storage Service on the Net

  • Ozibox

    OziBox is a Community Cloud and stands for a totally free Internet that is open to all and...

  • Pixeldrain

    Fast and easy file sharing, drop a file into the website and get a shareable link right away.


    The Easiest Way to Send & Share Large Files to Anyone for Free.

  • Pogoplug

    Pogoplug is cloud storage which provides unlimited storage.

  • allows you to upload any file up to 50MB and get a direct link of your file which will be...

  • PowerFolder

    PowerFolder allows you to sync,share and backup folders or files in lan or online, across multiple...

  • is a file hosting provider.

  • Probox

    Enterprise class online storage that allows your teams to easily and securely access, share and...

  • ProtonShare

    ProtonShare allows you to share files up to 2GB with your friends & family.

  • FireDrive

    Firedrive is a cloud storage platform that gives you 50GB of space for free, with 10GB bandwidth.

  • pyget

    pyGet is a browser extension that lets you share files with remote computers and smart-phones...

  • Queenshare is a file hosting provider.

  • Racaty is the file sharing and file storage site for users and webmasters with custom branding...

  • is a file hosting service, online since 2010.

  • RapidShare

    Your secure cloud

  • Rapidspread - Free File Spreading Engine

  • RestFile

    restfile is a file hosting provider.

  • Ryushare

    Ryushare is a cloud hosting service offering file backup, storage and transfer from anywhere.


    File sharing made easy. Upload any file of any size for free and get back a link good for 24 hours.

  • Savefile

    NOTE: Savefile has been discontinued. The website is now offline.

  • SecureSlice

    The Ultimate Enterprise grade file management system.

  • allows people to get files from others.

  • Sendit.Cloud

    Sendit.Cloud is a great free Cloud Service.

  • SendMyWay

    Simple one click file hosting solution.

  • senduit

    senduit: upload your file, share your private link.

  • Share108 - Premium Cloud Hosting for Free - Free file upload service

  • Sharebeast

    With Sharebeast you can upload files, images, videos, audio and flash for free.

  • ShareByLink

    Share files by right-clicking them. Optional: Use your own server.

  • ShareDiscuss

    Share files or mini-webpages privately and discuss on them.

  • SharedSafe

    Encryption and synchronization for your Online Storage.

  • is a totally free file hosting site.

  • Share-Online is a worldwide operating fileserving project.

  • ShareRepo

    ShareRepo is a secure file hosting provider.

  • Synology Cloud Station

    Cloud Station synchronizes data across all your devices, such as computers, mobile devices, or...

  • Storage Made Easy

    The leading Enterprise File Share and Sync solution

  • SockShare

    SockShare is a place to store, and share your files.

  • Solidfiles

    Solidfiles is a file hosting service based in Stockholm, Sweden that has been around since 2006.

  • Autotask Workplace

    Access, edit and annotate your documents anywhere, anytime, on the go with Autotask Workplace.

  • Spicyfile

    Spicyfile Free file hosting and cloud storage. is a file hosting provider.

  • Sprend

    Sprend is a web service for transferring files.

  • Storegate

    Backup, access and share all digital information anytime from anywhere.

  • Strato HiDrive Free

    With 5GB online-storage HiDrive is a free WebDAV-DropBox-alternative, but not a portable Sync-App...

  • Stride

    Stride unifies your cloud accounts to give you real-time visibility on all of your files and...

  • SugarSync

    SugarSync is the best way to backup, access, sync, and share all your files and folders including...

  • SurDoc

    SurDoc keeps your precious photos, music, videos, and files backed up online in case your computer...


    Sync makes it easy to store, share and access your files from everywhere - your privacy guaranteed.

  • TeamDrive

    Sync & share your files easily & securely with 256 bit AES end-to-end encryption, using the...

  • Teamplace

    The Unlimited Cloud Storage made for Teams!

  • Temp Share

    TEMP SHARE, is a dedicated web application to send, receive and store files for a limited period of...

  • Terashare

    Sending files of unlimited size from A to B to C. Easy install, no signup.

  • TheDataLocker

    theDataLocker gives you 30GB of free online backup storage allows you to store, backup, retrieve...

  • The File Bay

    The File Bay is a free unlimited file hosting service.


    Free file upload service, download files directly from other websites, torrent remote download -...

  • - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totally free.

  • Tonido

    #1 Private File Sharing, Sync and Mobile Access for Home and Business.


    Send big files for free. Browse your file, and we transfer it for you.

  • is a free net space where you may upload your files, store them, share your files with...

  • TusFiles

    Free Cloud & Backup Storage.

  • Twindocs

    Upload documents, staple them, and send altogether - with just a click….

  • Unity Box

    UnityBox, it's more than just a simple sharing service.

  • Up

    Max file size is 100GB. Completely free, no sign up required.

  • Up1

    Client-side encrypted file host.

  • Uploaded

    Uploaded is a file hosting website with an affiliate program that pays uploaders from €1 to €30 per...

  • Upload GURU

    Large file upload, storage and sharing website.

  • can be used for different purposes:

  • Uploadingit

    Free file hosting. File sharing. File upload.

  • UPLOADS.TO is a free Cloud Service.

  • Uptobox

    Uptobox is a file hosting provider offering online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated...

  • is a free Cloud Service.

  • vBoxxCloud

    Secure File Sharing for Business

  • Volafile offers real time filesharing and fast downloads without delays or annoying countdowns.

  • PockURL

    Optimize your Links Create your account to get started track the clicks and referrers on any...

  • Windows Live - Sync

    Windows Live Sync (formerly Windows Live FolderShare) was a free-to-use file synchronization...

  • Wixi

    This is an online harddrive server to store all your personal data, or share it with the world!

  • Woopiti

    Woopiti is a free universal file manager that allows you to access all your files no matter where...


    FilePup is a dead simple way to share big files with anyone in the world for free.

  • Yandex.Disk

    Files on Yandex.Disk won't get lost if your phone or computer breaks.

  • Yttr

    Yttr is a service for non-important and temporary files.

  • zippyshare

    File host.

  • Zoho Docs

    Zoho Docs is a simple and secure document management system that allows you to create, share and...

  • Zoogmo

    Until 31st Dec.2009 Zoogmo presented free, unlimited, secure and automatic off site backup.


    With zSHARE you can upload files, images, videos, audio and flash for free.

  • ZumoDrive

    Imagine if you had access to all your stuff, everywhere...

  • Casebox

    Open source case and project management system with great document management.

  • Robust Files

    You can upload your files without registering.

  • is a free Cloud Service.

  • Zaclys ownCloud provider

    Zaclys provide an easy to use ownCloud solution with 1Go free. And also dedicated servers ! Created by La mère Zaclys

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4Shared is a large online storage facility where Internet users store their text, audio, video...

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Created By: pmStation

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