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Album Fetcher, Bloom uploader, Bulkr, are the top similar alternatives for 55Photos.

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People use 55Photos for: Download Manager, Dropbox, Dropbox Integration, Facebook, Facebook Album Downloader, Facebook Download, Facebook Integration, Flickr, Flickr Backup, Flickr Client...etc.

Alternate of 55Photos

  • Album Fetcher

    This Chrome extension will help you download facebook photos in the highest possible resolution.

  • Bloom uploader

    Bloom is a desktop app that lets you upload your photos and videos easily and efficiently to...

  • Bulkr

    The complete solution to backup, download and browse photos on Flickr.

  • Downloadair

    Download photos, videos and albums from your gallery and your friends. Easily.

  • Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook

    The Easy Facebook Photo Uploader lets you resize and upload pictures to Facebook without having to...

  • facepaste

    facepaste is a very simple Facebook album downloader.

  • fbDownloader

    FBDownloader is an easy-to-use application that turns your computer into a powerful photo-sharing...

  • Flickrdown

    Flickrdown is a simple program for Windows to help you download pictures from

  • FlickrEdit

    FlickrEdit is a Java Desktop application that allows you to display and edit your photos in a...

  • Flickr Fast Downloader

    Flickr Fast Downloade is a Windows application to download photos and videos .

  • FlickrSync

    FlickrSync is an open source photo synchronization application for flickr users

  • FlickrSync CLI

    A command line tool to synchronise pictures between the local file system and Flickr

  • Fluschipranie

    Fluschipranie is an addon for downloading your facebook albums.

  • Free Uploader for Facebook

    Free Uploader for Facebook perfectly suits everybody who is constantly using Facebook and who would...

  • MyFlickrBackup

    Holy Cow! Download your whole Flickr photostream in ORIGINAL size to your PC!

  • PhotoDownloader

    Download Facebook photos and albums with a tap!

  • Photograbber

    Photograbber makes it easy to download pictures from Facebook.

  • Photo Grabbr

    Simple application that uses Flickrs API to download entire photo sets.

  • photoSync for Flickr

    Upload and download your Flickr photos.

  • Tool for Google Photos

    This app helps you manage your Google Photos, Picasa Web Albums.

  • PicBackMan

    PicBackMan is a bulk Photo & video uploader that enables you to upload/backup your photos to...

  • Pick&Zip

    Pick&Zip is a totally free online tool that will allow you downloading photos from Facebook in...

  • Social Photo Download

    Photo Download is a Facebook application that allows you to download photographs that you and your...

  • Upload Rabbit for Facebook

    Upload Rabbit for Facebook is a powerful and easy-to-use tool which enables you to batch upload...

  • Facebook Albums to PDF

    Easily export Facebook albums to PDF in a few clicks.

  • Photo Transfer - Wireless

    Transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to PC and Mac with ease. Created by TOP APP d.o.o.

  • DownAlbum

    Download Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album. Created by inDream

  • inslideshow

    Photos and albums transfer between all smartphones brands and/or PCs as well. Created by in'teractive

  • Photo Transfer App

    Photo Transfer App allows you to quickly copy photos and videos between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or... Created by ERCLab, LLC

  • Mylio

    Photo organization and protection, using peer-to-peer to keep all your photos available an all your...

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