Top Similar software for 7tag

Google Tag Manager, Segment, Tealium, are the top similar alternatives for 7tag.

We found 3 similar software for 7tag or alternatives of 7tag.

People use 7tag for: Marketing Tools, Open Source Projects, Php, Self Hosted, Tag Management System...etc.

Alternate of 7tag

  • Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags -- including...

    Google Tag Manager is used for Analytics, Medical filing, Tags, Web Analytics...

  • Segment

    Segment is the analytics API you've always wanted.

    Segment is used for Data Collection, Data Collection System, Data Integration, Data Management, Data Migration...

  • Tealium

    Enterprise tag management and digital data distribution (D3P).

    Tealium is used for Statistics, Tags, Web Analytics...

7tag usage

7tag - the Free, Open-Source Tag Manager.

Developer of 7tag

Created By: Clearcode

Website: Clearcode

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