Top Similar software for 8bitdash

Hex Clock, The Colour Clock, Time to Color, are the top similar alternatives for 8bitdash.

We found 3 similar software for 8bitdash or alternatives of 8bitdash.

People use 8bitdash for: Dashboard, Pixel, Pixel Art, Startpage, Time Tracking...etc.

Alternate of 8bitdash

  • Hex Clock

    Display time in hex color

    Hex Clock is used for Clock, Colors, Hex, Hexadecimal...

  • The Colour Clock

    Representing time as a hexidecimal colour value and available with downloadable screensaver.

    The Colour Clock is used for Clock, Colour, Hexadecimal...

  • Time to Color

    Display the time in rgb color

    Time to Color is used for Clock, Colors, Dashboard...

8bitdash usage

Animated 8-bit clock and retro landscapes as your new homepage.

Developer of 8bitdash

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