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Alexandria,, Palatina, are the top similar alternatives for Abelujo.

We found 5 similar software for Abelujo or alternatives of Abelujo.

People use Abelujo for: Books, Bookshelf, Bookshop, Bookshops, Cataloging, Cds, Isbn, Library, Literature Management...etc.

Alternate of Abelujo

  • Alexandria

    Alexandria is a simple program designed to allow individuals to keep a catalogue of their book...

    Alexandria is used for Cataloging, Collection, Literature Management...


    Keep an inventory of your books. Share it with others. Discover the books available in your network! is used for Books, Bookshare, Bookshelves, Buy Books, Inventory, Multi Language, Open Data...

  • Palatina

    Palatina is a Ruby library for managing publication collections.

    Palatina is used for Alexandria, Windows RT, Insert Images To Pdf On Mac, Books, Cds, Collection, Dvds, Library, Magazines, Ruby...

  • GCstar

    Great Software to organize your DVDs, Blu-Rays, Games, etc.

    GCstar is used for Collection, Collection Manager, Literature Management, Movie Catalog, Movie Manager, Multi Language...

  • Tellico

    Tellico is a KDE application for organizing your collections.

    Tellico is used for Cataloging, Collection, Games...

Abelujo usage

The only free software for bookshops.

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