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Automated Composing System, Live-Styler, Mixtikl, are the top similar alternatives for Accompaniment Machine.

We found 9 similar software for Accompaniment Machine or alternatives of Accompaniment Machine.

People use Accompaniment Machine for: Accompaniment, jQuery, Create image, Midi, Perform, Style, Synthesizer, Yamaha, Yamaha Style Player...etc.

Alternate of Accompaniment Machine

  • Automated Composing System

    ACS creates automated arrangements so you can compose music without musical knowledge.

  • Live-Styler

    The Live-Styler is a fully equipped, software based computer organ.

  • Mixtikl

    Mixtikl is one of the deepest and most powerful generative music apps out there and it lets you...

  • Noatikl

    Noatikl is a powerful creative tool for generating custom generative music and new musical ideas -...

  • One Man Band

    Transforms all (piano, synthesizer) keyboards into arranger keyboards with real time chords...

  • Real-time Style Performer

    The Real-time Style Performer (RSP) gives you the ability to play musical styles created for Yamaha...

  • Sharp11

    Sharp11 is a JavaScript-based music theorization and improvisation engine.

  • VArranger

    vArranger is a PC arranger software, playing Yamaha, Roland and Ketron styles in realtime !

  • Band-in-a-Box

    Band-in-a-Box is so easy to use!

Accompaniment Machine usage

AMac (the Accompaniment Machine) is a sophisticated program to create accompaniments for solo or...

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