Top Similar software for Add to Search Bar

Banckle Site Search, Mycroft Project, Web Search Pro, are the top similar alternatives for Add to Search Bar.

We found 3 similar software for Add to Search Bar or alternatives of Add to Search Bar.

People use Add to Search Bar for: Firefox Extension, Mycroft, Search Bar, Search Engine...etc.

Alternate of Add to Search Bar

  • Banckle Site Search

    Banckle Site Search provides a FREE and secure search engine solution for your websites.

    Banckle Site Search is used for Business Website, Indexed Search, Online Service, Search Engine, Site Search, Site Search Engine, Website Search Engine...

  • Mycroft Project

    Provides a collection of OpenSearch and Sherlock Search Engine Plugins / Search Providers for...

    Mycroft Project is used for Search Engine...

  • Web Search Pro

    Search the web the way you like. Features: Created by Captain Caveman

    Web Search Pro is used for Customizable, Drag And Drop, Firefox Extension, Search Engine, Legacy Firefox Addon...

Add to Search Bar usage

With the Firefox Extension "Add to Search Bar" you can add the search functionality of...

Developer of Add to Search Bar

Created By: Malte Kraus (Dr. Evil)

Website: Malte Kraus (Dr. Evil)

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