Top alterante software for Addictive Synth

Auxy Music Studio, iMini Synthesizer, iProphet Synthesizer, are the top similar alternatives for Addictive Synth.

We found 11 similar software for Addictive Synth or alternatives of Addictive Synth.

People use Addictive Synth for: Midi, Music Synthesizer, Sound Effects, Sound Generator, Synthesizer...etc.

Alternate of Addictive Synth

  • Auxy Music Studio

    Auxy brings real music creation to iPhone in a simple and inspiring format.

  • iMini Synthesizer

    iMini is a recreation of the legendary synthesizer

  • iProphet Synthesizer

    iProphet recreates the unique sound of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synthesizer.

  • iSEM Synthesizer

    iSEM is a recreation of the classic 1974 Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module).

  • Jasuto

    Jasuto allows you to visually construct your own synths/effects, and use them to make sequences all...

  • Laplace Resonator Synthesizer

    Laplace is a physical-modeling synthesizer based on resonator synthesis that makes it easy to...

  • Modular Synthesizer

    Modular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound.

  • Nanologue

    Nanologue is a professional, multi-touch capable monophonic synthesizer.

  • nlog Synth

    Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer ::: check nlogmusic at YouTube :::

  • Sunrizer

    Sunrizer XS synth is a virtual analog synthesizer that takes the definition of iOs synthesizer to...

  • cassini

    Polyphonic Synthesizer for iPhone/iPod touch Created by iceWorks, Inc.

Addictive Synth usage

Combines the synthesis power of Addictive Synth with an easy to use 4 track loop phrase recorder.

Developer of Addictive Synth

Created By: VirSyn Software Synthesizer

Website: VirSyn Software Synthesizer

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