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46elks, Atomic SMS Sender, MSG91 - Bulk SMS API, are the top similar alternatives for CALLR.

We found 24 similar software for CALLR or alternatives of CALLR.

People use CALLR for: Api, Real time rendering, Asterisk, Trim video, Business Sms, Call Forwarding, Call Tracking, Communications, Conference, Developer Tools...etc.

Alternate of CALLR

  • 46elks

    Adding SMS and voice to your application or service should be easy.

  • Atomic SMS Sender

    Free bulk SMS software to send bulk text messages from PC

  • MSG91 - Bulk SMS API

    Send SMS Using Bulk SMS API is an easiest way to send short information directly from your platform...

  • Clickatell

    Simple, reliable mobile messaging cloud.

  • Clockwork SMS

    An simple text message API.

  • engageSPARK

    World's EASIEST Automated Calls (IVR) & 2-Way SMS

  • Google Voice

    Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail organized in an email format, free...

  • MessageMedia SMS

    Trusted by over 15,000 customers, MessageMedia offers a highly reliable messaging service for...

  • Nexmo

    Nexmo - APIs for SMS, Voice and Phone Verifications

  • Sinch

    Sinch is a powerful voice and messaging SDK that lets you bring your apps to life with VoIP and...

  • SMSAPI is browser platform for bulk SMS and other SMS marketing solutions.

  • Swift SMS Gateway

    SMS Gateway is your bridge between the Internet and the world of cell phone SMS text messaging.

  • TellusTalk

    This generation's digital mailman.

  • TumaSMS

    SMS Messaging, Simplified.

  • Twilio

    Twilio is a web-service API that lets you use your existing web languages and skills to build voice...


    Automatically generate subscribers and send massive volumes of texts quickly and easily.

  • Voxibot the Voximal suite

    The voice phone bot suite based on Asterisk and FreePBX propulsed by the Voximal VoiceXML...

  • Voximplant

    JavaScript-first telephony and video cloud platform.

  • Wavecell

    Wavecell allows its customers to send SMS over the World using 3 different mediums:

  • SightCall

    SightCall offers comprehensive real-time video APIs and Mobile SDKs that makes it simple to embed...

  • XiVO

    XiVO is an IP-PBX, a unified communications platform that connects phones on a local or private...


    KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

  • Plivo

    Plivo is a voice and SMS API platform that enables developers and enterprises to build powerful...

  • Textlocal

    Effortlessly send offers with files, images & web links via SMS.

CALLR usage

CALLR is a global voice and SMS service built to help brands create automated, personalized and...

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