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andOSC, AndrOSC, Lemur, are the top similar alternatives for Control (OSC + MIDI).

We found 14 similar software for Control (OSC + MIDI) or alternatives of Control (OSC + MIDI).

People use Control (OSC + MIDI) for: Midi, Open Sound Control, Remote Control...etc.

Alternate of Control (OSC + MIDI)

  • andOSC

    This is OSC Application.

  • AndrOSC

    A modular OSC interface in which you can create and customize templates.

  • Lemur

    Lemur, the professional MIDI and OSC controller app that doesn't cut corners, has evolved.


    LIVKONTROL aims to deliver the best possible experience controlling ...

  • MyOSC


  • Open Stage Control

    Open Stage Control is a libre desktop OSC bi-directionnal control surface application.

  • OSC-Commander

    OSC-Commander is a powerful OSC-Controller for Android.

  • OSCdroid

    OSCdroid is a nifty tool, meant for prototyping, manipulate values of your interactive application...

  • OSCillation

    OSCillation, the new WORK PRO free software for Android and Windows PC, is an application for the...

  • OSCPad

    Custom OSC Touchscreen layouts for Android.

  • Osc Synth

    Create your own retro sounds and tweek the parameters as you play.

  • QuickOSC

    You probably already know what OSC is.

  • TouchOSC

    Modular OSC and MIDI control surface for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / Android

  • WorkCAD Designer

    WorkCAD Designer is the sofware of WORK® designed to manage audio through TCP/IP and USB.

Control (OSC + MIDI) usage

Control enables users to create their own interfaces for controlling musical, artistic and virtual...

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