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Gaggle Mail, Fleep, Google Groups, are the top similar alternatives for eMailDodo.

We found 4 similar software for eMailDodo or alternatives of eMailDodo.

People use eMailDodo for: Email Groups, Group Email, Polling Tool, Poll Maker, Polls, Questions...etc.

Alternate of eMailDodo

  • Gaggle Mail

    Gaggle Mail is the simplest way to get a group email address up and running.

    Gaggle Mail is used for Email Newsletter, Group, Group Mail, Message Archive...

  • Fleep

    Fleep is a messenger for your teams and projects.

    Fleep is used for Business Communication, Business Messenger, Channels, Chat History, Chat Rooms, Group Chat, Hangouts Integration, Ifttt Integration, Integrated File Sharing, Pinboard, Project Communications, Screen Sharing, Task Management, Team Chat, Video Calling, Voice Call...

  • Google Groups

    Google Groups is all about helping users connect with people, access information, and communicate...

    Google Groups is used for Forums, Mailing List, Online Service, Usenet, Usenet Access, Usenet News Client...

  • ccGenie

    ccGenie turns a mountain of emails, attachments, and links into an organized project so that you... Created by ccGenie

    ccGenie is used for Email Management, Project Management...

eMailDodo usage

A great alternative to Google and Yahoo groups.

Developer of eMailDodo

Created By: Blommers Software Company

Website: Blommers Software Company

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