Top alterante software for Flinger

Cadencii, eCantorix, Lyricos plugin for Festival, are the top similar alternatives for Flinger.

We found 6 similar software for Flinger or alternatives of Flinger.

People use Flinger for: Midi, Singing, Text To Speech, Voice Synthesizer...etc.

Alternate of Flinger

  • Cadencii

    Cadencii is a program that allows cross-importation of vocal MIDI, VSQ, UST, and VSQX files.

  • eCantorix

    eCantorix is a singing synthesis frontend for espeak.

  • Lyricos plugin for Festival

    a system capable of synthesis of high-quality singing voice from a MIDI file input was developed.

  • Sinsy

    Singing voice synthesis system based on HMM algorithm.

  • UTAU

    UTAU or Vocal Synthesizer Tool UTAU is a voice-synthesis software developed by Ameya/Ayame and made...


    VOCALOID is a singing synthesizer.

Flinger usage

Flinger is a program for synthesizing singing voice from a MIDI file input.

Developer of Flinger

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