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FreeLists, Google Groups, GroupSpaces, are the top similar alternatives for Framalistes.

We found 6 similar software for Framalistes or alternatives of Framalistes.

People use Framalistes for: Mailing List...etc.

Alternate of Framalistes

  • FreeLists

    FreeLists provides the internet community with Free, no-hassle, high-quality mailing lists

  • Google Groups

    Google Groups is all about helping users connect with people, access information, and communicate...

  • GroupSpaces

    Free group website, membership database, listserv mailing list, payments and more - GroupSpaces is...

  • Librelist

    Librelist is a free as in freedom mailing list site for open source projects

  • Nabble

    Create a free embeddable forum, mailing list, photo gallery, news and blog.


    A hosted mailinglist manager service

Framalistes usage

Create email discussion lists

Developer of Framalistes

Created By: Framasoft

Website: Framasoft

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