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DocMGR, KnowledgeTree, OrfeoGPL, are the top similar alternatives for Globodox.

We found 11 similar software for Globodox or alternatives of Globodox.

People use Globodox for: Document Archiving, Document Capture, Document Collaboration, Document Imaging, Document Management, Document Management System, Document Organizing, Document Scanning, Document Sharing, Edms...etc.

Alternate of Globodox

  • DocMGR

    DocMGR is a complete, web-based Document Management System (DMS).

  • KnowledgeTree

    KnowledgeTree helps customer-facing teams use and improve their best content.

  • OrfeoGPL

    OrfeoGPL is a free Software Document management system. It is GPL licensed and uses open standards.

  • Nuance PaperPort

    The Nuance PaperPort Professional is a complete document scanning and management software solution...

  • PaperTracer

    PaperTracer automates workflows by integrating paper and digital documents into a centralized...

  • Teambition

    Teambition is a collaboration tool that facilitates teamwork.

  • Microsoft SharePoint

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help...

  • Simple Doc Organizer

    Simple Doc Organizer is a document management solution which is very easy to use, it's flexible...

  • WEBCON Business Process Suite

    WEBCON BPS is a BPM / Rapid Application Delivery platform that allows to easily create workflow...

  • Zoho Docs

    Zoho Docs is a simple and secure document management system that allows you to create, share and...

  • HyperOffice Collaboration Suite

    HyperOffice has been designed for growing businesses looking for collaboration features minus the... Created by HyperOffice

Globodox usage

Globodox is a scalable, Windows-based document management software that enables medium or large...

Developer of Globodox

Created By: ITAZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Website: ITAZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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