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Alfresco Community Edition, Claromentis, Collabit, are the top similar alternatives for Igloo Software.

We found 33 similar software for Igloo Software or alternatives of Igloo Software.

People use Igloo Software for: Document Management, File Sharing, Intranet, Online Collaboration, Online Communities, Social Intranet, Social Network, Team Collaboration...etc.

Alternate of Igloo Software

  • Alfresco Community Edition

    Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management system built by the most...

  • Claromentis

    Claromentis Intranet Software - business, collaborative and social intranet applications &...

  • Collabit

    Collabit is an intranet, collaboration tool and workflow management system.

  • Emgage Prime

    This is an alternative to SharePoint or Office 365 SharePoint Online that doesn't require...

  • Gainsight

    Customer Success for the New Enterprise

  • GlobalMeet

    GlobalMeet is designed to make online meetings and presentations easy.

  • Hivemind

    A simple and intuitive knowledge management system

  • Hub

    The Hub is intelligent intranet software and client portal providing businesses with a secure...

  • IBM Connections

    IBM® Connections is a leading social software platform that can help your organization engage...

  • IntelliEnterprise

    IntelliEnterprise is the one-stop-shop Intranet for managing and discovering content, connecting...

  • Intranet DASHBOARD

    Intranet DASHBOARD (iD) is an Intranet Enterprise Content Management System - an integrated...

  • Jive-n

    Jive's enterprise social business software puts the power of social business at your fingertips.

  • Livetiles

    All-in-one solution for content, collaboration and integrations. Create

  • LS intranet

    LS intranet is a digital workplace, where workers can simply communicate and collaborate with one...

  • MindTouch

    Web-based collaboration, wiki software and mashup platform.

  • MyHub

    MyHub is a cloud-based intranet solution that provides businesses with a range of powerful business...

  • NemakiWare

    NemakiWare is an Open Source CMIS-compliant platform for document management.

  • Precurio

    Precurio is an intranet software that combines enterprise collaboration & content management...

  • SAP StreamWork

    Enterprise social collaboration software.

  • Teambition

    Teambition is a collaboration tool that facilitates teamwork.

  • HyperOffice Collaboration Suite

    HyperOffice has been designed for growing businesses looking for collaboration features minus the... Created by HyperOffice

  • Aha!

    Aha! is roadmapping software for PMs who want their mojo back

  • Bitrix24

    1,000,000 companies already use Bitrix24 for project collaboration and customer management.

  • Confluence

    Leading collaboration software and enterprise wiki for intranets and knowledge management.

  • eXo Platform

    eXo Platform is a Social Intranet designed for enterprises.

  • Huddle

    Huddle is online collaboration & content management for the enterprise.

  • HumHub

    HumHub is a free social network software and framework built to give you the tools to make teamwork...

  • MangoApps

    Founded in 2007, MangoSpring transforms the way teams work together.

  • Microsoft SharePoint

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help...

  • Notion

    Docs, Wikis, Tasks. Seamlessly in One. A unified workspace for modern teams.

  • Plone

    Plone is an open source content management system based on the Zope application server, written in...

  • Podio

    Podio is an online work platform.

  • Process Street

    Process Street is a SaaS platform that lets non-technical teams create powerful, API driven...

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Igloo is a modern intranet, it connects people with the information they need to do their best work.

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