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ComScore Media Metrix, Nielsen, AdClarity, are the top similar alternatives for Moat.

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People use Moat for: Ad Analytics, Mono, Drag n drop, Analytics, Medical filing, Marketing Analytics...etc.

Alternate of Moat

  • ComScore Media Metrix

    comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred...

    ComScore Media Metrix is used for News, Web Analytics...

  • Nielsen

    What People Watch, Listen To and Buy

    Nielsen is used for Analytics, Medical filing, Browser Enhancement, Business Intelligence, Eyeball Traffic, Rank, Rankings, Site Traffic, Statistical Analysis, Statistics, Viewer Feedback, Viewership, Visitors, Web Analytics, Website Monitoring...

  • AdClarity

    AdClarity is the leading Competitive Intelligence SaaS Solution for Digital Media.

    AdClarity is used for Advertising, Rhinoceros, Fleet management, Advertising Network, Roblox, Flight Status, Analytics, Medical filing, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Display Campains, Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Software, Marketing Tools, Media Buy, Ppc, Ppc Reporting...

Moat usage

Real-time, multi-platform, and actionable marketing analytics.

Developer of Moat

Created By: Oracle

Website: Oracle

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