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Adobe Audition, auCDtect Task Manager, Audiochecker, are the top similar alternatives for Spek.

We found 12 similar software for Spek or alternatives of Spek.

People use Spek for: Acoustic Spectrogram Analyser, LinkedIn, Decentralized, Acoustic Spectrogram Viewer, Linode, Dedicated RAM, Acoustic Spectrum Analyser, Linux, Dedicated Server Hosting, Audio Analysis...etc.

Alternate of Spek

  • Adobe Audition

    Adobe Audition software delivers the professional tools you need to make your video and audio...

  • auCDtect Task Manager

    auCDtect Task Manager is a free GUI tool that lets you check if your lossless audio files were...

  • Audiochecker

    Audiochecker is a tiny and portable tool which analyzes the source of WAV, LPAC, SHN, APE and FLAC...

  • Fakin' The Funk?

    Detect the true quality of your audio files in one batch!

  • Lossless Audio Checker

    Lossless Audio Checker is a utility to check whether a FLAC or WAVE file is truly lossless or not...

  • Ocenaudio

    Ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor.


    Analyze and annotate acoustic signals or develop your own analysis application with the integrated...

  • sndpeek

    a real-time audio visualization tool (animated, 3D)

  • Spectro

    Spectro is a freeware audio file analyzer for windows.

  • Spectrum

    Browser-based app to visualize the frequencies of an audio file.

  • Tau Analyzer

    Tau Analyzer is a free program, which can help you to distinguish with reasonable accuracy the...

  • Zynewave Podium

    Podium is a modern digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows.

Spek usage

Spek helps to analyse your audio files by showing their spectrogram.

Developer of Spek

Created By: Alexander Kojevnikov

Website: Alexander Kojevnikov

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